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South Indian Music


This Website ‘www.southindianmusic.in’ is devoted to the teaching of Karnataka or the South Indian art Music.

A large number of songs in the form of audio, with and without notation and notation, without audio have been added since the inception.

Music contributed by experts will be placed in the site. The lesson material will be primarily in the audio/video files of music rendered by the respective musician accompanied by text/pdf files containing notation. The contributions would range from basic Varicai-s (svara exercises) to Kirtana and Ragamalika in the Kalpita sphere and to Alapana, Tanam, Niraval and Kalpana-svaram in the Manodharma.

Visitors to the site are free to download the material. If they are interested in seeking clarification about the material or in taking classes through internet, then the concerned expert may be contacted through e-mail and assistance sought.

If consultation of a general nature is required, the undersigned can be contacted through the ‘consultations’ page.

Periodically News letters would be sent, announcing additions and revisions (if any). If you are interested in receiving them please register your name.




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